The Bradley Method empowered us to have the most AH-mazing birth experience, and I just love sharing it with anyone who will listen! The knowledge it provided us is priceless! I truly wish every expecting Mama out there could have a joyful labor and delivery, which is why I am teaching the Bradley Method today! I am so enthusiastic and passionate about parental rights and empowering couples to have the birth they want, that I would be honored to be a part of your pregnancy journey!

After struggling with infertility for a year and a half, we finally got the positive pregnancy test one Thanksgiving morning. We had so much to give thanks for that day! Because we didn’t conceive naturally, I knew I wanted the rest of my pregnancy and delivery to be as natural as possible. Going off a recommendation from our Chiropractor, I looked into the Bradley Method, and signed us up when I was only 12 weeks pregnant. I am glad we took the class series so early on in our pregnancy because I had longer to focus on proper nutrition and exercises, and I was able to spend time researching areas that interested me in our Bradley class.

We initially planned to have a hospital birth, but we changed our minds half way through our pregnancy and ended up with an angel of a midwife who delivered our baby at home.  After 3 days and 1 hour of labor, our perfect little cherub princess made her debut! And our lives have never been the same… in all the BEST ways! 


Our experience made me a big homebirth supporter, but mainly I'm a huge fan of women being empowered to give birth however and wherever they want to! In this day and age the odds are against you in having a natural childbirth, but I would be honored to teach you how to set yourself up for a successful birth with the loving support of your partner. 

If Your Hubby’s Hesitant…

Teaching The Bradley Method is a passion of mine, and my husband’s too! I remember him fussing about having to give up a night once a week to attend the classes, but he loved it and talks it up more than me to expectant couples! So if you happen to have the same reluctant hubby, we can arrange a call for them to chat and I guarantee you my husband will have him sold AND excited to attend!



About Me

I grew up in Southern California, and we moved to Kansas City in 2017 for the hubby’s job. We are loving the greener pastures, no traffic, and the friendliness of those in the Mid-West! We live in the “burbs” right next to Parkville, with our daughter, my Mom, and our sweet miniature goldendoodle pup (he’s hypoallergenic in case any of you have severe animal allergies like me!). Hubby works in Medical Diagnostic sales, and my mom retired in late 2017 and decided to make the move out to the Mid-West from California and live with us because she’s slightly obsessed with our daughter :).  

On the weekends we like to hang out with our family that lives in Weatherby Lake, BBQ with friends, explore a section of Kansas City we haven’t been, or catch a yoga class. Between work, school, and daily responsibilities, we try our best to keep our weekends a little more care free.

I would certainly love to meet you and get to know more about YOU and your pregnancy journey! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I’d be happy to chat.